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Lyemance Top Sealing Fireplace Dampers.

Top Sealing Chimney Dampers
and Damper / Chimney Cap Combinations
for round, square, rectangular & oval flues

Lyemance Damper & Chimney Cap Damper Combinations
Free Shipping on Lyemance Products... Lower 48 Only

Lock-Top II Damper with Cap
Lyemance Original
Top Sealing
Chimney Damper
Lyemance Lock Top
Top Sealing
Chimney Damper
RS Round Combo
Chimney Adaptor
AND Lyemance Lock Top
Lyemance Original
& Stainless Steel Cap
 Damper / Cap Combo
Lock-Top II
6 common flue sizes
Click a style for sizing & pricing
All Original, Lock-Top, Lock-Top II & mpers use Lyemance Brand Top Sealing Dampers with the Manufacturers Lifetime Guaranty.

Chim-a-lator Dampers Stainless Steel
Chimney Dampers
for round &
larger flue sizes
  Round Spider Dampers
Damper / Cap
Chimalator w/
Flue Extension
Powder Coated
17 Sizes to fit almost any type flue opening..
Plus Customs!
Shipping Included
Lower 48 Only
  Applications for almost any ROUND
metal, clay or masonry flue system.

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