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Volko Supply...chimney caps...chimney cap covers and downdraft solutions

Chimney Caps - Covers & Downdraft Solutions
So your house won't smell like smoke!

Vacu-Stack Chimney Caps to prevent smoke and draft issues caused by wind.
Vacu Stack
w/ Rain Shield & 1/2" Screen
(for single wall & insulated pipe)
Vacu Stack
w/ 1/2" Screen
(for air cooled metal pipe)
Vacu Stack
w/ Adaptor & 1/2" Screen
(for brick & clay liners)

Chimney Cap options for metal flue pipe systems
Super Down Draft
Chimney Cap
(for single wall & insulated pipe)
Weather Shield
Chimney Caps
Storm Shield
w/ 1/2" mesh
(for single wall & insulated pipe)
Storm Shield
w/ 1/2" mesh
(for air cooled metal pipe)

A guy selling bricks will tell you to extend the chimney.
A guy selling chimney caps will tell you to buy a cap. 
There are countless reasons for chimney problems, and a guy who knows how a chimney works will help you understand what you need and choose the correct product.

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