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Chimney Caps / WeatherShield - TDW
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$125.50 - WSA-6-TDW-S5... 6 inch Air Cooled Weather Shield chimney cap with 1/2 inch spark arrestor mesh. Shipping Included.

WSA TDW for Air Cooled Chimneys 

Designed exclusively for air-cooled chimneys, the TDW line of Weathershields assures self-adjusting secure wind-resistant fit, without interfering with the convection cooling features of air cooled chimneys. The spring tension connector enables the TDW Weathershields to fit double and triple wall air cooled chimneys

WSA-6TDW 6 inch diameter
WSA-7TDW 7 inch diameter
WSA-8TDW 8 inch diameter
WSA-9TDW 9 inch diameter
WSA-10TDW 10 inch diameter
WSA-12TDW 12 inch diameter
  And remember, measure twice order once.

air cooled weathershield chimney cap size chart


air cooled weathershield chimney cap

air cooled chimney cap lifters flange

air cooled chimney cap flanges


The Weathershield Chimney Cap is easy to install. It fits directly into round flues.  Square and rectangular chimneys require a stainless steel adapter that is adjustable and fastens securely to the inside of the flue. Chimneys should be cleaned and inspected before installation by a chimney professional and must conform with fire, safety and building codes. Installation instructions are furnished. 



Easy To Remove Screen Easy To Clean and Inspect

The Weathershield does not need to be removed for annual chimney cleaning and inspection. Simply unscrew and remove the top cover and screen, tilt support, and brush directly through the Weathershield. The top can also be closed against the bottom with an optional closure kit for sealing the chimney when not in use. Optional 1/2" screen and top supports are also available.


CAUTION: An Air Cooled Chimney Cap must be used for Air Cooled Pipe.
DO NOT attempt to use a standard WSA Weathershield Cap with air cooled pipe.


Air cooled double and triple wall flue systems need an air cooled chimney cap.

The inner pipe of an air cooled system is for smoke and flue gases.
... the larger surrounding outer pipe(s) will vary in size depending on the air space between the pipes and manufacturers design.
This air space needs to be vented to insure the flue systems proper function.
An air cooled pipe system uses the air space as an insulation value.  The more spacing between the pipes, the less heat to the outer pipe(s), and the closer one can build to the system.

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