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Chimney Caps / StormShield - STS
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$128.50 - STS-8-S5... 8 inch Storm Shield chimney cap with 1/2 inch spark arrestor mesh. Shipping Included.


StormShield Model STS
for single wall, chimney liners & Class-A insulated flue pipe

Above are options to fit the most common metal flue pipe sizes.
  Please call us to order any other size.

Ideal cap for coastal locales and areas where wind and wind driven rain are prevalent.

Split collar allows for a secure fit
Easy assembly  100% Stainless
Top w/ Storm Shield is easily removable
for access and cleaning
Storm Shield protects flue system
from most weather conditions

Sizing for a StormShield

Single wall, liners and Class A insulated flue pipe need to be measured by its INSIDE measurement.

Typically... newer standard size insulated flue pipe will have a 1" thick wall.
Older insulated flue pipes will vary in their outer measurements.

Measure and give us a call if you would like help sizing for a Storm Shield.

CAUTION: An Air Cooled Chimney Cap must be used for Air Cooled Pipe.
DO NOT attempt to use a standard STS StormShield Cap with air cooled pipe.


Air cooled double and triple wall flue systems need an air cooled chimney cap.

Typically... the inner pipe of an air cooled system is for smoke and flue gases.
... the larger outer pipe(s) will vary in size depending on the air space between the pipes and manufacturers design.
This air space needs to be vented to insure the flue systems proper function.

Click here for STS-TDW
StormShield for air cooled pipe

Think you have an air cooled pipe system?... Need extra help?
 Measure and e-mail us a picture....